Instrument Sales

HornCraft is a dealer for the following brands of instruments:


New Instruments

We can order in any model at competitive rates.  Below is a list of new instruments that we currently have in stock.

This section will be updated soon!  Please call for details.

Photo Type/Make/Model Price Number Available

Used Instruments

Below is a list of used instruments for sale by HornCraft.  All instruments have been recently serviced by HornCraft and come with a satisfaction guarantee on the mechanical functioning of the instrument.   If you are interested in one of these instruments or if you have an instrument you would like to sell, please contact HornCraft directly.

This section will be updated soon!  Please call for details.

Photo Type/Make/Model Quality Condition Price

Quality Codes

5 Professional Top-of-the-line models that are commonly used by professionals performing at the highest level.
4 Semi-Professional Excellent quality instruments that are suitable in a professional context. Only a small step below each manufacturer's "top-of-the-line" models.
3 Intermediate Entry level performance instruments that begin to share some performance qualities with professional instruments without the high price tag.
2 Advancing Student Designed for the advancing student, these instruments have improved tone and intonation and are more sturdily built than beginning student instruments.
1 Beginning Student Ideal for beginning band students. These instruments are easy to play and very stable for beginners but will eventually limit advancing players.

Condition Codes

5 Like New Instruments have only been used for a matter of hours and show no signs of wear and tear. Life expectancy would be the same as a new instrument.
4 Excellent Only minor signs of previous use and are in perfect mechanical condition.
3 Good (Well Maintained) Instruments have been well cared for and are in good playing condition, but they do show signs of wear and tear.
2 Fair Instruments have seen considerable use. They will play fairly well, but they look as old as they are.
1 Poor Instruments are quite old and have not been cared for very well. May be well suited for a second practice instrument at home or as a “bush” instrument.

Upcoming Musical Events

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

HornCraft Music is now accepting instruments for repairs and maintenance.  Please allow a slightly longer than usual turn-around time to accomodate extra safety procedures. 

Specials and Features

Sale on Accessories!!

Manhasset Symphony Music Stands - Reg $65 - Sale price $40!

All instrument stands 20% off (clarinet, flute, sax, trumpet, trombone)

Ludwig Snare Kits - Model LE2477RBR - Reg $349 - Lightly used for $200!


Looking for a used instrument?

Call us to check out the options.  We just might have exactly what you are looking for!

Having an expert technician in the valley is a real treat - quality and prompt service that is right around the corner is more then anyone can ask for. I trust Michael with my professional model Powell flute and he has gone out of his way to do what I have requested numerous times. I recommend him to my all students, to my colleagues and to you.

Toby Moisey Flute - Saint Petersburg Conservatory